신장의 혈류량 자동조절에 관한 실험적 연구
Renal Autoregulation in the Perfused Kidney of Rabbit

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이원기; 김명철; 권장원; 이재곤; 김기환
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1973;14(3):2016-222
The phenomenon of renal autoregulation was
investigated in the rabbits weighed from 1.8 to 2.3
An isolated kidney from a experimental rabbit was
perfused with the blood coIIected from the other
one rabbit and the renal blood flow was measured
in various arterial perfusion pressures.
From the perfusion studies in connection of the
isolated rabbit kidney with the perfusion system,
foIIowing results were obtained:
1) The autoregulation was continued for 30
minutes from the time of perfusi~n , and deteriora
tion was noted rapidly.
2) The change in kidney weight was noted after
the experiment. The increase in weight was revealed
by the 3.2%. (from 6.54 gm to 6.75 gm)
3) The range of autoregulation was from the 110•
120 mmHg of renal perfusion pressure to the 180•
190 mmHg.
4) Within the range of autoregulation, the mean
renal blood flow was 1.25 mljgm/min.
5) Total renal resistance calculated was increased
proportionately within the range of autoregulation.
However, that was inversely related to changes in
renal perfusion pressure.
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