인삼 각 Fraction이 Histamine, Serotonin 유리에 미치는 영향
A Comparative Study of Panax Ginseng Fractions Effect on Histamine and Serotonin Liberation.

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1963;4(1):
Saponin. non-saponin and oil fractions were separatively
extracted from Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer.
and a comparative study was made on their effect to
Histamine and Serotonin liberation. and to rabbit’s
blood pressure and respiration.
Saponin fraction transitorily decreased rabbit’s blood
pressure slightly and gave no effect to its respiration.
Non-saponin fraction also transitorily decreased its
blood pressure less than saponin fraction. Oil fraction
prolonged its blood pressure falling-down even with
small dose. similar to the effect of alcohol extract of
panax ginseng. and increased its respiration. Saponin
and oil fractions brou앙ht about the phenomenon of
Saponin and oil fractions remarkably increased capillarie
permeability phenomenon.
Only non-saponin fraction made histamine liberation
from rats hind-quarter perfusate. which was confirmed
by bioassay method.
Ginseng saponin had less fish poison action and
hemolysis phenomenon than gypsophila saponin.
Ginseng fractions liberated Serotonin during rabbit’s
brain perfusion, and incredsed Serotonin content in
rat’s venous blood except oil fraction , and decreased
Serotonin content in rat instestine.
Ginseng fractions increased the Serotonin content of Iproniazid treated rat blood in vivo , and also increased
the 5-Hydroxy Tryptophane Decarboxylase activity
of rat kidney in vitro experiment.
Ginseng fractions increased the amount of 5-Hydroxy
Indol Acetic Acid urinaly excretion except oil fraction.
Ginseng fractions decreased the numbers of Entero
Chromaffin cells in proportion to the decrease of the
Serotonin content in rat’s intestine.
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