한국 육군 사병의 작업 대사량
Determination of Energy Metabolic Rate in Various Military Activities

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김우겸; 이제용; 노광수
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1963;4(3):57-61
Determinations of energy metabolic rate were made
on 302 Republic of Korea Army military personnels
in various military activities. Indirect calorimetry
was performed using the open circuit method. The
mean age of healthy soldiers was 23(range 19-32)
and body surface area was a mean of 1.63(range
1.42-1.85) square meter.
Values of energy cost under various works were
compared to the basal energy cost and this ratio
was called energy metabolic rate(E.M.R.). The following
data were observed.
1. Energy metabolic rate in shooting rocket was
1.68, Ml rifle shooting 2.11, and member in tank
showed 1.43. These activities were performed by the
upper extremities with certain special posture, and the
magnitude of E.M.R. was less than 3.
2. Activities accompanied by 3 to 4 of E.M.R. value
included driving a bulldozer(3.07) , driving a grader
(3.29) , driving a tank(3.37) , and bombardment of
artillery(3.17). In these activities both the upper and
lower limbs were used. It seems that labors accompanying
machinery works mobilizing only the upper
and lower limbs have E.M.R. of between 3 to 4.
3. The hand muscular activities included marching
of an infantry man with full arms(E.M.R. 4.16) ,
building a wood bridge(4.46), cleaning of a cannon
(4.48) , carrying cannon bullets from pile to the
shooting position(5.0D. E.M.R. ranged between 4
and 6. The mode of activies were relatively hard
mUfcular work of upper and lower limbs accompanied
by the movement of body trunk with or without
load under moderate velocity. Muscular work with
E.M.R. of less than 6 could be continued for a certain
4. Activities with E.M.R. of greater than 6 were
digging a trench(6.33) and shovel work. This kind
of muscular work could not be continued for a considerable
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