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The Effect of Irradiation on Developing Rat Fetuses

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정병상; 이광호
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1972;13(2):120-130
Sprague•Dawley strain rats were irradiated once
with the doses of 100 rand 200 t on the 6th, 8th,
10 th and 12 th day of gestation. ,
Gross anomalies in the fetuses, weight, length
and breadth of the brain of the live fetuses, survival
rate of fetuses, changes of fetal body weight, and
numbers of corpus luteum of maternal ovaries were
studied after hysterectomy on the 22 nd day of
gestation and the following results were obtained.
1. The gross anomalies were curled tail, short
tail, and growth retardation of the limbs, anencephalus,
and exencephalus. The abnormal tails were
observed in the highest incidence throughout the
anomalies appeared in the fetuses of experimental
groups. The 8 th day of gestation seems to be the
most susceptible to the effect of irradiation and the
abnormal head (exencephalus, microcephalus and
defect of the skull) appeared only in the group
which received 200 r on the 8th day of gestation.
2. Weight of the fetal brain occured no change
in the group which was irradiated on the 6 th day
of gestation, but gradual decrease of the weight
appeared in the groups which were received irradiation
on the 8 th , 10 th and 12th day of gestation
in orde r. More notable decrease resulted in the
groups which received 200 I' than the group received
100 r.
3. Obvious reduction of the length of the fetal
brain took place in the case given irradiation on the
12 th day of gestation in both groups which received
100 rand 200 r.
4. No significant change of the breadth of the
fetal brain was observed at the group which
received 100 r , but gradual shortening was visible
in the results of the group received 200 r.
5. Most obvious decrease of the survival rate was
obversed in the group irradiated with 200 I' on the 8
th day of gestation, but the later irradiation they
received, the more decrease of the effect on survival
rate were resulted.
6. No significant change of fetal body weight came
out in the result of the groups received 100 1', but
the later irradiation of the group which received
200 1', the more obvious decrease of the fetal weight
were observed.
7. Numbers of the corpus luteum ‘,vere not effec
ted by the irradiation.
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