Review of Moon Chung-In’s “The Sunshine Policy. In Defense of Engagement as a Path to Peace in Korea”

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Kazariyan, Rouben L.
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서울대학교 통일평화연구원
통일과 평화, vol.6 no.1, pp. 202-222
In 2012, the publishing house of Seoul Yonsei University in South Korea issued a book by a well-known South Korean historian and political expert Moon Chung-In, titled “The Sunshine Policy. In Defense of Engagement as a Path to Peace in Korea.” The book was published in English, so that it became available for the broad international readers interested in Korea as well as specialists dealing with the problems of Northeast Asia and ASEAN countries. An undoubted advantage of this paper is that it is written in an excellent language, rather than being overloaded with esoteric terminologies, which makes it understandable and interesting not only to the experts of the field, but also to all who are interested in this matter. This book was easy to read and it was a real pleasure to dig into its content. Written in highly professional level, it is rich in its sources and literature with a fairly broad scope, fully disclosing problems posed in the title.
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