ACD혈액 희석 관류의 산 염기평형
Acid-Base Balance in Open Heart Surgery Utilizing ACD Blood Hemodilution

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김종환; 최지원; 김정석
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1969;10(4):65-75
Acid-base balance of cardiopulmonary bypass cases
utilizing ACD blood and hemodilution technique with
helix reservoir and Rygg-Kyvsgaard bag oxygenators
in sixteen patients was studied.
The acid•base balanc of prime blood was one of the
great concern in the course of the post-perfusion
period, and it suggested that the adequate correction
of metabolic acidosis of priming blood should be done
before heart-lung bypass.
It was also indicated that the inadequate tissue
perfusion may be the cause of inescapable metabolic
acidosis after extracorporeal circulation and stressed the
neccessity of hemodynamic considerations altogether.
The four cases of mortality were due to ventricular
fibrilation which seemed to be caused mainly by metabolic
The average values observed immediately after
perfusion were as follows: pH 7.344 (7.214-7.474),
pC02 34. 6 07. 5-57. 7)mm. Hg. , standard bicarbonate
19. 305. 0-24. 0) mEq. /L., actual bicarbonate 18. 0
02. 2-23. 5)mEq. /L., total CO2 19. 002. 7-25. 2)mEq. /
L., base excess -6. 1 (-12. 1-+1. 0) mEq. /L. and
buffer base 41.8 (33.7-63. O)mEq./L.
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