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A Study on the Gastroendoscopic Diagnosis in Various Stomach Diseases

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1975;16(1):25-32
The gatroendoscopic examination has become an
essential procedure as well as X-ray study in the
diagnosis of the various stomach diseases.
This is the analysis of the 760 cases who were
studied endoscopically.
The results were as follows:
1) The 760 cases were consisted of 310 cases (40.8
%) of normal, 240 cases (31.6 %) of gastric malignancy,
135 cases (17. 8%) of benign ulcer, 42 cases
(5.5%) of gastritis, 12 cases (1. 6%) of ulcer scar,
9 cases (12%) of gastrectomized stomach, 7 cases
(0. 9%) of benign polyps, and a case of bezoar,
diverticulum, leiomyoma, giant folds. gastric varicosis
2) The occurrence rate in gastric benign ulcer
was 52 cases (38. 5%) in angular region, 46 cases
(34.1 %) in the antrum, 36 cases (26.6%) in the
stomach body, and most of the lesions were found
in lesser curvature with none in greater curvature
In gastric malignancy, the most frequent site was
antral canal(113 cases: 47.1%) and followed by st •
omach body (75 cases: 31.3%) , angular region(48
cases: 20.0%) in the order. Of these cases, 36
lesions05.0%) were found at the greater curvature
3) The gastritis were demonstrated as following
rate; 9 cases of each superficial and erossive gastrltis,
11 cases of hemorrhagic gastritis, 10 cases of
atrophic gastritis and 3 cases of hypertrophic gastritis.
In these groups, hemorrhagic and atrophic
type were found in majority of numbers.
4) The gastric malignancy were classified into Borrmann's
types, namely 35 cases (14. 6%) of Borrmann
type I , 21 cases (8.7%) of type IT , 124 c껴ses
(51.7%) of type ill , 28 cases(l1 . 6%) of type W, 11
cases(4.7%) of unknown type and 21 cases(8.7%)
of early gastric cancer.
In early gastric cancer. class He was dominant
(13 cases) in frequency and followed by 4 cases of
class IT c+ ill , 2 cases of class I and class ill + IT c
5) It was impressed that the diagnostic discrepancy
between endoscopy and X-ray laid mainly upon
both detection and differentiation of lesions , and
the detective error frequently occurred in superficial
pathology such as gastritis, ulcer scar and superfial
type of early gastric malignancy, and differentiation
error was evident in lesions such as fungating
growth and ulcerative changes.
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