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Effect of Thymectomy on Immunological Function in Adult Mice

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1978;19(2):39-44
Adult thy mectomy in combination with or without
whole body irradiation was performed in C,H mice
and attempts were made to test the hypothesis that
presence of the thymus is necessary for recovery of
immune reactivity in adult life.
Adult thymectomy didn’t induce significant increase
in incidence of wasting and mortality rate as well as
significant decrease in immune reactivity to transp·
lanted liposarcoma.
Whole-body irradiation in combination with thymeetomy
induced apparently more increase in incidence
of wasting and mortality rate as well as much more
decrease in peripheral lymphocytes/granulocyte ratio
and numbers of LPC in deep cortical area of regional
lymph node and periarteriallymphatic sheath of spleen
in relation to transplantation of liposarcoma than
non-operated group.
These observations indicate that thymus is necessary
in recovery of immune reactivity in adult life by
means of increase in adequate pool of immunologically
competent cells.
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