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Pulmonary Function in Spine Deformity

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1978;19(4):179-186
The deformed and rigid spine presenting moderate
to severe kyphosis and scoliosis results in a restriction
of function of the lung best characterized spirographically
by a reduction in vital capacity. When the
lesion involves thoracic spine. restriction is more
marked. Spine deformity such as kyphosis and
scoliosis develops from various causes. Tuberculous
spondylitis is a main cause of kyphosis and scoliosis
is increasingly found in Korea.
Cardiorespiratory dysfunction caused by spine defor~
mity poses another problem besides spine deformity
per se
To perform therapeutic measure such a Harrington
instrumentation, with or without preoperative localizer
cast and halofemoral traction as well as anterior
interbody fusion , evaluation of pulmonary function
and arterial gas analysis preoperatively is helpful to
prevent and reduce the postoperative cardiorespiratory
failure or complications‘ The autho has reviewed
results of arterial gas analyses and pulmonary function
tests on 35 cases of scoliosis and 60 cases of
kyphosis done at the Department of Orthopedic Sur
gery, Seoul National University Hospital from January
1975 to February 1978.
The results were as follows:
• 185
]. Average degree of scoliosis of 35 cases was 89°,
vital capacity 60% of normal, and maximum breathing
capacity 72%. Average degree of kyphosis of 38
cases of dorsal spine was 93. 5 。’ vital capacity 38%,
and maximum breathing capacity 73%. Average
degree of kyphosis of 22 cases of lumbar spine was
79°, vital capacity 77%, and maximum breathing
capacity 84%.
2. Static value for pulmonary function such as
vital capacity and dynamic value such as maximum
breathing capacity had a significant negative correIation
with the severity of scoliosis and kyphosis.
3. Scoliosis and kyphosis decreased vital capacity
correlating positively with maximum breathing capacity
4. Arterial oxygen saturation had a significant
negative correlation with the severity of scoliosis
and kyphosis
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