한국인 비강의 체질 인류학적연구
Anthropological Studies on the Korean Nasal Cavities

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1960;1(3):15-26
Anthropometry was performed on 61sides of nasal cavities
of Korean adults and the following values were
obtained. Mean and standard error for each item are
1. Distance from naris to limen nasi was 13.0:土0.30
mm. in male and 12.7 土O. 56mm. in female.
2. Distance from limen nasi to posterior end of hard
palate was 45. 5 土O. 87mm. in male, 43. 5 土0.48mm. in
3. Distance from posterior end of hard palate to velum
palatinum was 24. 3 土O. 59mm. in male, 22. 9 土0.54
mm. in female.
4. Length of uvula was 15. 5 土0.70mm. in male. 14.6
士O. 62mm. in female.
5. Vertical diameter of choana was 20. 4 土0.59mm.
in male. 20. 2 土O. 80mm. in female.
6. Transverse diameter of choana was 11. 1 土0.41
mm. in male, 10.5 土O. 80mm. in female.
7. Distance from upper end of naris to limen nasi
was 17.3 土0.51mm. in male, 17.4 土O. 60mm. in female.
8. Distance from limen nasi to anterior end of sphenoid
bone was 46. 2土1. 19mm. in male, 46.4 士1.13mm.
in female.
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