Freund's Adjuvants 및 그 조성인자의 혈관증식작용
The Vascularization Effect of Freund’s Adjuvants and its Components in Rabbits

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1960;1(3):103-108
The original Freund’s Adjuvant is a water-in-paraffin-
oil emulsion, which has been used for the purpose
of enhancing antibody production; but the adjuvant
combined with killed mycobacterium is generally called
Freund’s adjuvants (F.A.).
In 1960 Dale reported first of the lymphatics proIiferation
effect of F.A. in mice, but he did not elucidate
whether such effect is due to the complete F.A. or to
each of its components. This study was done to confirm
the vascularization effect of F.A. and to determine
if the effect is based upon the complete F.A. or upon
its components.
Fifty-five adult albino rabbits were injected ’ respectively
subcutaneously (ear), subserously (stomach) and
intramuscularly (buttock) with O. 1 C.c. of complete
F.A. and its components; and the site of each injection
was examined for the subsequent period by simple inspection
, tranillumination and biopsy.
The results are as follows.
1) Complete F. A., when injected subcutaneously,
produced marked proliferation of blood vessels both
macroscopically and microscopically at the site of injection.
Such effect of this agent reached its maximum
peak on approximately one month after injection and
lasted at least 3 months.
2) The oil fraction of the adjuvant (original F.A.)
produced nearly the same degree of vascularization as
the complete F.A. , whereas each component of the
adjuvant showed no or little response.
3) It would appear therefore that the vascularization
effect of F.A. is mainly due to its oil fraction and this
is probably based on the synergy of paraffin-oil and
4) F.A. and its components , when injected subser
ously, showed little vascularization, but not any at the
site of intramusclar injection.
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