과거 10년간의 노인마취에 대한 고찰
Evaluations of the Geriatric Anesthesia in 10 years

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1981;22(2):260-266
major operations, the importance of the anesthetic
management of them is being emphasized now.
The authors statically analyzed the anesthetic experiences
which were performed at SNUH from 1970
through 1979 according to age, sex, anesthetic methods
and agents, disease entities, and surgical departments.
The results were as follow,:
1. The geriatric anesthesia cases increased in Dum
bers, but not in ratio to the tota l.
2. The majority of the cases were performed at
their 7th decade
3. The ratio of the male patients to female was 60
percents to 40 per cent.
4. General surgery cases comprised the half of the
total cases.
5. The majority of the cases were performed under
the general anesthesia using halothane as a main ane'
sthetic agent.
6. Stomach CA and the biliary system diseases
were major disease entities.
7. Emergeny operations increased in percentage
until 1975, but in decreasing trend recently.
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