근종자궁의 혈관변화에 관한 병리조직학적 연구
A Histopathologic Study on Vascular Changes of Myomatous Uteri

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이인철; 함의근
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1981;22(3):347-361
Histopathological investigation of vascular changes
in the endo·and myometrium were made on 30 myo
matatis and 21 nonmyomatous uteri. Sections were
taken from the definite sites of the endo-and myometrium and/or myomatous nodules of each case for
this study
Vascular changes in the myomatous endo-and myometrium
were characterized by fibrous thickening of
the intima, increase of collagens and elastic βbers in
the media , splitting and disruption of the internal
elatic lamina and hyaline degeneration in the small
arteries and arterials proximal to the endometrium.
Severity of uterine vascular changes in myometrium
were more prominent than those in endometrium
and/or myomatous nodules. Out of 30 myomatous
uteri studied, 21 cases (7096) revealed hyaline degencration
of small arteries and arteries. Encountered in
large arteries of myometrium, howeer, were neither
finding of the hyaline degeneral ion. It was probably
atributcd to the vascular fragility that might underlie
the uterine bleeding as a common feature of myomataus
uteri. The morphological changes of the blood
、esscls were multifariously modified by aging and
pregnancy, but in this study, it seems to be an
apparent age related alteration in the blood vessels
and the vascular changes were more marked in the
multiparous uteri as an effect of gestation and parturition
may add to the age related changes that preeede
In additions, authors observed the specific feature
of pericapi l1ary hyperplasia and sclerosis of collagens
and/or fibers in endometrium, which were so called
“ menstrual sclerosis" in the la te secretory phase and
“gestat ion seierαsis" in the pregnant
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