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Potassium Transfer in Metabolic Acidosis of Various Origins

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김전; 김우겸
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1981;22(4):470-476
Mechanisms of the potassium transfer in metabolic
acidosis of various origins were studied in the rabbit
skeletal mt엽cles. Metabolic acidosis was induced by
infusion of either O. 3M hydrochloric acid, O. 6M
lactic acid or 0.3M potassium chloride solutions.
Intracellular pH (pH;) was measured by means of
5, 5-dimethyl-2, 4-oxazolidinedione (DMO) distribu'
tion πethod. And simultaneously plasma pH and
intra- and extracellular potassium ion concentrations
were measured.
The results obtained were as follows:
1. The normal arterial pH (pH.) was 7.39 and
intracellular pH of the skeletal thuscle was 7.00.
2. In HCI and lactic acid group, pH. decreased to
7.01 and 7.03 , and pH; to 6.65 and 6.75 , respectively.
Whereas in KCI group the pH. decreased t。
only 7. 11 and pH; did not decrease significantly
from the control value
3. In HCI group the plasma K concentrations
increased from the control value of 3. 8±0. 3 to 7.2
±1. OmEq/1 along with the lowering of the pH•. In
lactic acid group , on the other hand, the plasma K
concentration did not change while the pH. remained
in the range of 7.1~7. 4. However, when pH. fell
lower than 7. 1 plasma K concentration increased
gradually. The normal intracellular K concentration,
158±4, 159±3mEq/I, decreased to 145士5 and 154±
5 mEq/1 in HCI and lactic acid group, respectively.
4. The ratio of H;/H, decreased in order of KCI,
lactic acid and HCI group, while K;/K , decreased in
order of KCI, HCI and lactic acid group.
Above results suggested that the mechanisms of
the K transfer across the cell membrane in HCI and
lactic acid groups might be different. The small but
definite increment in plasma K ion concentration in
lactic acidosis implied that K-H exchange mechanism
might be involved partially in H transfer across the
cell membranes.
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