Propranolol이 심근 Mitochondria의 Ca++ 조절작용에 미치는 효과에 관한 연구
Effect of Propranolol on the Ca++-regulation of Cardiac Mitochondria

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최수; 서경필; 신상구; 김명석; 박찬웅; 이광수
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(1):81-89
Propranolol is one of clinically useful antiarrhythmic
agents and elcetrophysiologically classified as group
II. And the negative inotropic effect which is not
related to adrenolytic effect has been demonstrated
with high concentration of propranolo l. On the other
hand , it has been well known that the calcium plays
a central role in excitation-contraction coupling process
of myocardium and also in electrophysiological changes
of cell membrane.
Authors studied the effect of propranolol on calcium
uptake and release in mitochondria prepared from
porcine myocardium to investigate the mechanism of
action of propranolol on myocardium. The results are
summerized as follows;
1. The maximum calcium uptake of mitochondria
was 50.30 nmoles per mg protein with the rate of
0.65 nmole/mg/sec. and the half-maximum velocity
of Ca서-uptake was achieved at about 11. 67μM Caκ
2. The calcium uptake of mitochondria was noncompetitively
inhibited by propranolol with dose
dependent manner (Ki; 6.2 x lO-'M) .
3. The calcium efflux from the internal pool of
mitochondria was rapid by the treatment of 50μM
dinitrophenol (9.60 nmole/mg/min.) , andit was not
affected by propranolo l.
4. The rate of sodium-induced calcium efflux
appeared to be a function of [Na+]' and about 8.80
mM Na+ was required to elicit half-maximum velocity
of calcium efflux; The maximum velocity was 7.43
nmole/mg protein per minute
5. The mitochondrial NaηCa얘 exchanges were
noncompetitively inhibited by propranolol with dosedependent
manner (Ki; 2.91 x lO-'M) .
These results suggest that propranolol affects the
intracellular calcium homeostasis which may considered
to be the mechanism of action of propranolol on
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