Cis-diamminedichloroplatinum 투여에 의한 흰쥐 신세뇨관 병변의 초미세구조 변화
The Acute Nephrotoxicity of Cis-diamminedichloroplatinum in Rats. An Ultrastructural Observation

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최동섭; 김용일; 민헌기
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(2):168-185
Cis'platinum(DDP)-induced acute nephrotoxicity was
made in rat to reappraise the nature of ultrastructural
alterations in renal tubules.
DDP was administered to Fischer rats intraperi·
toneally in doses ranging from 2 to 20 mg per kg
of body weight, and animals were sacrificed on the
1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and the 9th day after injection.
At the time of sacrifice the changes of the level
of BUN, serum calcium and magnesium were obtai~
ned. Additional studies were carried out to evaluate
the preventive or modifying effect of cis'platinum
nephrotoxity by hydration, furosemide and gentamicin.
L In the single dose of DDP-treated groups the
BUN levels increased in proportion to the dosage of
DDP, together with a tendency of low values of
serum calcium.
2. The basic renal pathologic changes by administration
of DDP was confined to the proximal convoluted
tubules in deeper cortex at initial phase, and
characterized by hydropic change and loss of brush
border. By inreasing the dosage of DDP coagulation
necrosis of proximal tubules followed and extended
to subcapsular portion.
3. Ultrastructural change of proximal tubules was
initiated by irregularity and rupture of mitochondria,
together with phagosomal increase , dilatation of endo·
plasmic reticulum and loss of ribosome; subsequent
increase of fat droplets, rupture of cell membrane
and necrobiosis followed by increasing the dosage of
DDP and with time lapsε Attenuation and effacement
of microvilli corresponding to loss of brush
border in particular was a sensitive index of tubular
damage by DDP, which was interpreted as secondary
change due to damage of intracelluler respiratory
4. Subcutaneous injection of furosemide with pre·
hydration 30 minutes before DDP administration
revealed no increase in BUN levels, and renal patho'
logic changes were mild.
5. Rats which received DDP with simultaneous
administration of gentamicin showed the more increases
of BUN 5 days after injection in comparison with
the DDP-treated. group , and renal tubular changes
became more extensive.
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