Effect of Total Leaf Numbers on the Growth and Fruit Quality in Muskmelon Plants Showing Leaf Yellowing Symptoms

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Lee, Hee Ju; Lee, Sang Gyu; Choi, Chang Sun; Kim, Sung Kyeom; Park, Sung Tae; Lee, Sang Jung; Chun, Changhoo
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한국원예학회 제103차 추계학술대회
This study was conducted to evaluate the influence of total leaf
numbers on the growth, net formation of fruits, and occurrence of
leaf yellowing symptoms (LYS) in muskmelon plants. The growth
and development of LYS on muskmelon plants having 25, 30, and
35 fully expanded leaves on the vine were compared to those of the
control plant having 20 leaves. Plant height, leaf area, root fresh
weight, and root dry weight increased as the number of leaves
increased. Plants with 35 leaves showed the greatest plant growth.
Net photosynthetic rate was positively related to increasing leaf
numbers with plants having over 25 leaves showing the greatest
photosynthetic rates. On the other hand, there were no significant
differences in chlorophyll content and root activity among treatments
with different leaf numbers. The ratio of LYS infection was also
greater in plants having 25-30 leaves, than in those having leaf
numbers. Plants with different leaf numbers and LYS infection
showed a variation in fruit quality, although LYS did not
significantly affect fruit quality except net index. The plants having
20 leaves that showed LYS developed fruits that had significantly
smaller flesh (mesocarp) thickness than, the plants having greater numbers of leaves. The higher sugar contents of fruits were found
in the plants having 35 leaves whether they showed LYS (12.1°Bx)
or not (12.5°Bx). Therefore, leaving more than 25 healthy leaves per
plant was recommended for minimizing damage from LYS.
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