Electron Microscopic Observation of Striated Organelle of Vestibular Hair Cells Treated with Tannic Acid
탄닌산 처리후의 내이감각세포내 횡문소기관 미세구조의 관찰

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Lee, Byung Lan
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(4):467-476
Striated organelle (Friedmann body, laminated
cytoplasmic inclusion) was first observed in 1963
by Friedmann et al. in the degenerating utricular
hair cells from patients with Menier’s disease.
They reported this Friedmann body, consisting
of alternating thick and thin electronopaque
lines to form a characteristic pattern, near
the surface or within the cytoplasm of degenerating
The striated organelles have usually been associated
with pathological conditions such as
eighth nerve tumors (Hilding and House, 1964) ,
Conn's syndrome (Friedmann et aI., 1965), drug
intoxication (Friedmann et aI., 1966; Jahnke,
1969), or with old age (Rosenhall et aI., 1974).
Nevertheless, their consistent occurrence has also
been noted in the inner ear hair cells of normal
cat (Spoedlin , 1966), squirrel-monkey
(Engstrom et aI., 1972), chinchilla (Slepecky
et aI., 1980), and rat (Ross and Bourne, 1983).
From these reports, striated organelle was proposed
to be the normal constituent of hair cells
(Slepecky et aI., 1980).
Although several possibilities about the role of
the striated organelle have been suggested (Slepecky,
1980; Jorgensen, 1982; Ross, 1982), no
clear explanation has been achicved. Therefore,
it is important to observe more morphological chacteristics of the structure which will become
the basis of any functional investigation.
In order to obtain the enhanced visibility of
the striated organelle, tannic acid which acts as
a mordant between osmium treated structure
and lead (Simionescu et aI., 1976) was added to
glutaraldehyde fixative.
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