The Avoidance of Phrasal Verbs: Comparing Korean Learners of English with German English Learners

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Koo, Jungyeon
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Department of English Language and Literature, Seoul National University
SNU Working Papers in English Language and Linguistics Vol. 13, pp. 165-183
phrasal verbsavoidanceL1-L2 differencephrasal verb constructions
This is a pilot study which compares the avoidance of the use of phrasal verbs (PV) in Korean adult EFL learners with that of in German adult EFL learners. There are three research questions: 1) Do Korean learners and German speakers of English show avoidance in using phrasal verbs? Are there any differences between two groups? 2) Which types of the PVs do participants avoid? Are there differences between two groups? 3) Are there any priming effects in choosing PVs? Are there differences between two groups? Two main tests (multiple choice and prime-recall) were conducted. The findings are different from those of previous studies. First, German avoided more PVs than Koreans did (53% vs. 26%). Second, Germans avoided more literal type of PVs than figurative ones and Koreans did vice versa. Third, among Korean learners, priming has an effect on literal type of PVs. However, in German group, priming has a significant effect on the figurative type of PVs. This study proposes that the avoidance is an interlanguage aspect in L2 learning among EFL learners. The current study also has pedagogical implications in L2 learning.
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