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Intranasal Injection of Steroid for Nasal Allergy

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(4):584-587
The treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis is
often unsatisfactory. Of the conventional drugs
antihistamines may cause unacceptable somnolence
and decongestant nasal drop often produce
a rebound exacerbation of allergic symptoms
after prolonged use. Intranasal sodium cromoglycate
(Cohan et aI., 1976), however, is helpful
in many patients and systemi c steroid therapy
is effective but its use for long periods in patients
whose symptoms are incon venient rather
than life threatening is rarely jus tified. Clinical
studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of
submucosal injection of steroid solution in the
treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis due to a
variety of offending allergens (Simmons, 1960).
Baker & Strauss, 1962; Mowart, 1961; Mabry,
1978; McGrew et aI., 1978; Although the
effectiveness and safety of submucosal injection
of steroid has been tried in the treatment of
perennial allergic rhinitis, there is very little
literature in the way of double-blind clinical
This double-blind trial was started in February,
1984 and was completed in June , 1984 with 26
cases of perennial allergic rhinitis which were
confirmed by history, clinical examinations,
laboratory tests and skin test. This study was
designed to determine if submucosal injection of steroid solution would significantly improve the
allergic symptoms in a group of patients with
perennial allergic rhinitis.
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