배아(Streeter 연령군 XIX)의 1예
A Human Embryo of Streeter Age Group XIX

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지제근; 김웅
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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med 1984;25(4):609-618
A human embryo was obtained incidentally from
an operation specimen for uterine leiomyoma. The
embryo was 19mm in crown to rump length. It was
serially sectioned in 4μm and examined.
The embryo was characterized by a thin cornea
which ₩a s a layer of loose mesoderm, the optic stalk
showing thread-like lumen and ependymal remnant
along its whole length, and short up-turning tip of
the cochlea. It also showed capillaries appearing in
the mesoderm at the rostral surface of anterior lobe
of the hypophysis which had a slender stalk from
the oral epithelium, the pit-like vomeronasal organ,
knob-like branches of the submandibular duct, haphazard
orientation of metanephrogenic cells around the tertiary branches of ureter, and clearing centers in
the chondrified bones. The embryo was supposed to
be male according to the cord-like epithelial proliferation
in the medulla of the testis and to the
absence of fusion between the two paramesonephric
From the above findings we concluded that this
normal embryo belonged to the age group XIX of
Streeter’s developmental horizon.
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