폐기물의 기계적-생물학적 전처리기술
Mechanical-biological Pretreatment(MBP) of Municipal Solid Waste

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장선우; 오동익; 남경필; 김재영
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한국폐기물학회 = Korea Society of Waste Management
한국폐기물학회지, Vol. 19, No. 6, pp. 757-764 (2002)
LandfillLandfill gasMechanical-biological pretreatmentMunicipal solid waste
Landfilling of untreated municipal solid waste (MSW) results in adverse environmental impacts such as emission of landfill gas, generation of leachate, and long-term settlements. When MSW is landfilled without pritreatment, landfill gas emissins may occur for a long period of time (up to 100 years). In order to reduce landfill emission to a minimum, waste should be pretreated. The mechanical-biological pretretment (MBP) of residual wastes before landfill of applied to several countries in Europe. The MBP is suitable for the pretreatement of wastes and considerably reduces gas emission and leachate generation by aerabic or anaerobic microbial decomposition. We mainly introduced the concept and process of MBP and landfilling of residual waste after MBP. MBP has the following effects on MSW: (1) homogenization and reduction of weight and volume; (2) reduction of biodegradable components and biological stabilization; (3) reduction of gas emission potential and of leachable generation; (4) increase of bulk-, landfilling- and storage density of waste; and (5) reduction of the hydraulic conductivity and gas permeability. Although there are several advantages of MBP, one of the major disadbvatages of MBP is a high build-up of surface water. As MBP-treated MSW has high density, its permeability is low, so that small ponds may form on the surface after heavy rainfall. The MBP-treated MSW is quite different from raw MSW. As a consequence, it is important to investigate these new landfill concepts. The major objective of MSW pretreatement is to mitigate pollutant emitted from landfill. MBP can considerably reduce landfill gas and leachate production. Therefore, there is a significant need to consider introduction of MBP in Korea.
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