종양간호학회지 논문 내용과 경향 분석 -창간호에서 2007년까지
Trends of Nursing Research in the Journal of Oncology Nursing

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정복례; 이명선; 최은희
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대한종양간호학회 = Korean Oncology Nursing Society
J Korean Oncol Nurs, 8(1), 61-66
종양간호논문 분석Medical oncologyNursing researchKorea
Purpose: Purpose of study was to analyze the research articles in the Journal of Korean Oncology Nursing in order to provide an direction for the future research. Methods: This study analyzed 93 studies published in the Journal of Korean Oncology Nursing, from its beginning year to the year 2007, according to the research objectives. The frame of evaluation included years and types of publication, the theoretical frameworks, research design, subject, data collection method, keyword analysis by MeSH. Results: 45.2% of studies was non-degree based studies. 95.7% of studies was not described theoretical framework in the articles. 71.0% was utilized a non-experimental design. 57% of subjects in researches was patients. 76.3% of studies were used the questionnaire for data collection. Concepts as human, nursing, and health were consistently appeared in research. But concepts of environment has been insufficiently conducted. Conclusion: Researches in the Journal of Korean Oncology Nursing has been changed in methodology and the topics of research for the last 7 yr. It progresses in both quantity and quality. But, it is necessary to conduct research founded on theoretical background, various research design, variability of study subjects and topics as supported by scientifically and empirically.
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