Expression of Lewis antigens and their precursors in gastric mucosa: relationship with Helicobacter pylori infection and gastric carcinogenesis

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Lee, HS; Choe, G; Kim, WH; Kim, HH; Song, J; Park, KU
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John Wiley & Sons
J Pathol 2006;209:88-94
Lewis antigenLewis precursor antigenchronic gastritisintestinal metaplasiagastric cancerimmunohistochemistryHelicobacter pyloribabA2 gene
Lewis (Le)-associated antigens are carbohydrates that are related biochemically to the ABO blood groups, and may have a role in Helicobacter pylori adherence. To evaluate their relationship to clinicopathological outcomes, gastric Le expression, including type 1 precursor, type 1 H, Le(a), Le(b), Le(x), Le(y) and sialylated Le(a) (CA19-9), was evaluated immunohistochemically in 233 gastric biopsy specimens obtained at routine gastroscopy. Expression was also investigated in gastric tissues showing chronic gastritis, intestinal metaplasia, and carcinoma from 42 patients with gastric cancer. A polymerase chain reaction was performed for H. pylori and the bacterial babA2 gene. We identified type 1 precursor expression in 34.3%, type 1 H in 55.8%, Le(a) in 44.2%, Le(b) in 82.0%, Le(x) in 44.2%, Le(y) 56.7%, and CA19-9 in 16.3% of the 233 gastric biopsy specimens. Expression of type 1 H, Le(b), and CA19-9 was significantly associated with H. pylori infection and histological features (p < 0.05), and expression of type 1 H was an independent predictive factor for H. pylori infection by multivariate logistic regression (p = 0.020). Positivity for the babA2 genotype correlated significantly with H. pylori infection and type 1 H expression in gastric biopsy specimens (p < 0.05). The babA2 genotype was more frequent in gastric mucosa from the gastric cancer patients than in gastric biopsy specimens from routine gastroscopy (p = 0.009). In the 42 gastric cancer patients, the frequency of type 1 precursor, Le(a), and Le(x) expression was significantly higher in intestinal metaplasia and carcinoma than in chronic gastritis (p < 0.05), but the frequency of type 1 H and Le(b) expression was significantly lower in intestinal metaplasia and carcinoma (p < 0.05). In conclusion, Le expression, especially that of type 1 H, was significantly associated with clinicopathological features. In gastric cancer patients, Le expression was altered in intestinal metaplasia and carcinoma in comparison with chronic gastritis.
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