High-resolution sonography of the rib: can fracture and metastasis be differentiated?

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Paik, Sang Hyun; Chung, Myung Jin; Park, Jai Soung; Goo, Jin Mo; Im, Jung-Gi
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American Roentgen Ray Society
AJR 2005; 184:969-974
OBJECTIVE: Our aim was to evaluate whether high-resolution sonography can provide additional information concerning rib lesions compared with radiography or bone scintigraphy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifty-eight patients with high-uptake rib lesions seen on bone scintigraphy were selected. Radiography and rib high-resolution sonography were performed on these patients. High-resolution sonography was performed using a linear 5-12 MHz transducer. By means of clinical history, histopathologic examination, and follow-up observation, these patients were classified into rib fracture (n = 37), rib metastasis (n = 18), or unknown (n = 3) groups. High-resolution sonography images of the 55 proven cases were reviewed for the presence of five representative findings: cortical disruption, callus formation, cortical deformity, mass, or bone destruction. The frequencies of these findings were compared between the groups with fracture and metastasis. RESULTS: Rib lesions were matched by bone scintigraphy and high-resolution sonography in 53 (96%) of 55 patients and by bone scintigraphy and plain radiography in 23 (42%) of 55 patients. High-resolution sonography revealed 17 (94%) of 18 patients with metastasis and 36 (97%) of 37 patients with rib fractures. Metastatic lesions were seen as mass formation (n = 13) and irregular bone destruction (n = 7) on high-resolution sonography. Fracture was seen as cortical disruption with or without hematoma (n = 17), callus formation (n = 9), or cortical deformity, such as angling or stepping (n = 12). CONCLUSION: High-resolution sonography of the ribs is a useful method of characterizing rib lesions in patients who have hot-uptake lesions on bone scintigraphy.
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