최근 한국의 정치부패에 대한 검찰과 특검의 도전 -그 성과와 한계-
Challenging Political Corruption in Korea -The Conflicting Role between the Public Prosecution and the Independent Counsel-

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.45 No3 pp.332-351
권력의 도구권위주의 형사법을 넘어서검찰의 정치적 중립대통령(노무현)에 대한 탄핵소추안 요지대선자금수사
Which agency is most responsible for controlling political corruption? Of
course, the public prosecution office has played the central role in the
investigation and prosecution of political corruption. However, the public
prosecution was often blamed for its political unfairness which functioned as a
kind of political tools for repressing the opposition parties or the opposing social
groups. The newly elected President Roh Moo Hyun which had conflicted with
the public prosecution in the process of his political ascent declared that his
government break with the political use of the public prosecution. Under the new
government, the public prosecution, with more autonomy, began to investigate the
grand scale of secret fund by the chaebol companies, and its range of
investigation finally reach the illegal fund for the presidential election in 2002.
The amount of political funds raised a storm of popular indignation. The
president was under the prosecution for impeachment by the National Assembly,
and the opposition party to whom political fund of more than 10 times was
given was greatly defeated at the general election in April 2004. The Central
Investigation Section under the Supreme Public Prosecution Office became a
focus of media. But, its role would be diminished after its function would be redelegated
into the Special Section under the District Public Prosecution Office.
The Independent Counsel in Korea means a Special Prosecutor, by a special
Act, designated for the investigation of a specific political corruption. Despite the
strong reluctance from the ruling party, there have been established four special...
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