이익균점권의 보장과 우촌(牛村) 전진한(錢鎭漢)의 사상 및 역할 - 우촌의 사회법사상 궤적의 탐색을 위한 "초심곡(初心曲)" -
Mr. Jeon`s Idea and Role in Ensuring "the Equal Right to Share Profits of the Private Company" in Establishment of the Constitution

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.46 No1 pp.258-281
모방헌법우촌 전진한(1901∼1972)비밀결사체인 ‘한빛’을 조직세속에 핀 연꽃
In case of approaching “the Equal Right to Share Profits of the Private
Company”(ERSPPC) in establishment of the Constitution of the Korea, the most
critical issue is how to catch up with the dominant political legislative-forces and
the social economic background of ensuring it. Because ERSPPC is the unique
fundamental right of workers prescribed by the establishment of the Constitution,
which is not guaranteed in any other countries.
This paper attempts to clarify the real social economic issues and the decisive
factors of guaranteeing ERSPPC by the methodology of approaching the role and
social thought of Jin Han Jeon, a member of the National Assembly of the
Constitution(NAC), who became the first Minister of Social Affairs Department
under the regime of the President, Seung Man Rhee.
The author argues that Mr. Jeon who originally had ‘free co-operative
ideology’ played the key role in ensuring ERSPPC through analyzing the
stenographic records of NAC and his autobiography, “So struggled I.” He
strongly emphasizes that Mr. Jeon, being Zen Master who led ‘movement of the
co-operative association’ against the colony of the Japan, cherishing ‘the idea of
unity of labor and capital’, took ERSPPC for granted as a foundation stone for
unification of the divided Korea.
The author underscores as followings; Though ERSPPC had not been provided
in the draft of the Constitution, Mr. Jeon and his proponents representing the...
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