대학 학부에서의 법학교육
Legal Education in Undergraduate Level after the Introduction of Law School System

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서울대학교 법학연구소
법학, Vol.47 No4 pp.127-146
로스쿨(법학전문대학원)학부에서의 법학교육Legal education in undergraduate LevelLocalization지역화Law school
The current legal education system has been proved to be inviable in the
coming global era. As an alternative to it, the American-style law school system
has long been proposed and at last 'The Bill on Law School' was laid before
the Congress and is about to be passed.
According to the Bill, out of 90 colleges(departments) of law at most 30 law
schools will be set up. The university which wants to house law school is
supposed to close the current college of law in undergraduate level, which means
that the main stream of legal research and education will be shifted to the law
schools in graduate level and the secondary legal education will be conducted in
the undergraduate colleges of law.
This article deals with what will be the impact to the law colleges after the
introduction of law school system and more broadly what is to be done for the
legal education in undergraduate level.
With the introduction of law school system the social status of the colleges of
law will be lowered rapidly and there may be no reason to continue to manage
the colleges of law. If there is any reason to continue, it is on the condition
that the current colleges of law should be radically reformed. In this article, the
localization of law colleges is described in detail as one of alternatives, which
means to restructure the college to fulfill the needs of local area. But despite
such restructuring efforts there are always the possibilities for the law colleges to
wither away. For as the law school prevails, more and more legal services will...
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