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  • Open Access

    Open Access (OA) is a concept of "free access and use of academic information," a movement to promote free sharing of academic information away from excessive cost burdens, copyright issues, and technical barriers. It was started by Hungary's Budapest OA Initiative in 2002.

    The author aims to promote the sharing and citation of academic information by contributing research results to open access journals and repositories, recognize research achievements, and further increase influence as researchers, rather than pursuing profits through publication. Open access can also contribute to creating new knowledge and bridging the information gap.

    The Seoul National University Central Library began operating the open repository S-Space in 2008 to collect research creative works produced on campus and promote open access through free connect and use.

  • Submit my paper

    SNU members can submit journal articles, papers or research reports for S-Space, Seoul National University Institution Repository, based upon the publishers copyright and OA policy. (You can submit it if marked as 'Any Website', 'Non-Commercial Repository', or 'Institutional Repository', etc.)

    Check the copyright and OA policy in Sherpa/Romeo

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