About S-Space

User Guide(PDF)

5 Reasons to Use S-Space

  1. 1Visibility S-Space provides high visibility and increased access to your scholarly works. The descriptive information about your deposited works will be made available to Google and other search engines.
  2. 2Increased Citation Impact Making your works accessible via S-Space will ensure more of your peers can find it in Google and cite it. Some studies have shown that research and scholarship openly available on the web have increased impact and higher citations than research and scholarship that is not.
  3. 3Permanence S-Space assigns a persistent, permanent URL to your works that you can reliably access it in perpetuity.
  4. 4Safe Storage (Preservation) S-Space makes a commitment to preserve your works for long term access and use. S-Space ensures that you just have to submit the work once. From then on the Library takes care of backups of your works and system maintenance.
  5. 5Presentation and Promotion of Your Institution's Research SNU members have the ability to create a customizable page highlighting their research and interests. You can link directly to this page.
    Departments, schools, research institutions, and other scholarly or research units can also create communities focused on the research output of your unit. Additionally you can create discrete collections within that community to highlight particular aspects of the work of your unit..