Favorable prognosis in colorectal cancer patients with co-expression of c-MYC and ß-catenin

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Lee, Kyu Sang; Kwak, Yoonjin; Nam, Kyung Han; Kim, Duck-Woo; Kang, Sung-Bum; Choe, Gheeyoung; Kim, Woo Ho; Lee, Hye Seung
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BioMed Central
BMC Cancer, 16(1):730
Colorectal cancerc-MYCß-cateninImmunohistochemistrymRNA in situ hybridizationPrognosis
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The purpose of our research was to determine the prognostic impact and clinicopathological feature of c-MYC and β-catenin overexpression in colorectal cancer (CRC) patients.

Using immunohistochemistry (IHC), we measured the c-MYC and β-catenin expression in 367 consecutive CRC patients retrospectively (cohort 1). Also, c-MYC expression was measured by mRNA in situ hybridization. Moreover, to analyze regional heterogeneity, three sites of CRC including the primary, distant and lymph node metastasis were evaluated in 176 advanced CRC patients (cohort 2).

In cohort 1, c-MYC protein and mRNA overexpression and ß-catenin nuclear expression were found in 201 (54.8 %), 241 (65.7 %) and 221 (60.2 %) of 367 patients, respectively, each of which was associated with improved prognosis (P = 0.011, P = 0.012 and P = 0.033, respectively). Moreover, co-expression of c-MYC and ß-catenin was significantly correlated with longer survival by univariate (P = 0.012) and multivariate (P = 0.048) studies. Overexpression of c-MYC protein was associated with mRNA overexpression (ρ, 0.479; P < 0.001) and nuclear ß-catenin expression (ρ, 0.282; P < 0.001). Expression of c-MYC and ß-catenin was heterogeneous depending on location in advanced CRC patients (cohort 2). Nevertheless, both c-MYC and ß-catenin expression in primary cancer were significantly correlated with improved survival in univariate (P = 0.001) and multivariate (P = 0.002) analyses. c-MYC and ß-catenin expression of lymph node or distant metastatic tumor was not significantly correlated with patients prognosis (P > 0.05).

Co-expression of c-MYC and ß-catenin was independently correlated with favorable prognosis in CRC patient. We concluded that the expression of c-MYC and ß-catenin might be useful predicting indicator of CRC patients prognosis.
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