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McBride, William L .

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서울대학교 철학과
철학논구, Vol.26, pp. 233-240
I had originally hoped that Professor Rawls himself would be able to respond to Wonsup Jung's award winning paper on that aspect of his theory having to do with its compatibility or incompatibility with alternative economic systems. But since that was not possible, given the state of Professor Rawls's health, I agreed to accept this responsibility, which is at the same time an honor for me. While it might reasonably have been expected that Professor Rawls, had he been here, would have defended his own view against Professor Jung's mild criticism-although Professor Rawls is well known for his very laudable inclination to admit that his critics often have valid points and to modify his theory accordingly-,the same cannot of course be expected of me, who in fact was the author of one of the earliest published critical review studies of A Theory of Justice.
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