Genetic Mapping of Resistance Sources against ChiVMV (Chili veinal mottle virus) in Hot Pepper

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Lee, Joung-Ho; An, Jeong-Tak; Han, Koeun; Choi, Seula; Siddique, Muhammad Irfan; Kang, Byoung-Cheorl

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2016 Gene, Genome & New Technology for Plant Breeding, pp. 220
Genetic Mapping of Resistance Sources against ChiVMV (Chili veinal mottle virus) in Hot Pepper농수해양
Chili veinal mottle virus (ChiVMV) is the notorious virus affecting the severe loss of pepper production in Asia and Africa. To map the positions of ChiVMV resistance genes, F2 mapping populations were constructed by crossing each resistance accession, Capsicum annuum, 'CV3', 'CV4', and 'CV8' with susceptible C. annuum, 'Jeju'. In the 'CV3' and 'CV8' mapping populations, resistance genes were inherited by a single dominant manner and located to the short arm of pepper chromosome 6. The ChiVMV resistance marker reported in the previous study was cosegregated with these genes. Through allelism test of resistance genes from 'CV3' and 'CV8', it was revealed that the resistance gene in each line was originated from the same locus, and we named this gene, Cvr1 (ChiVMV resistance 1) locus. We developed several SNP markers linked to Cvr1 using pepper genome information and pepper bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) sequences. By contrast, the inheritance mode of ChiVMV resistance in CV4 was different from those of CV3 or CV8. The inheritance study showed that two independent complementary genes involved in ChiVMV resistance in CV4. To map the resistance genes in CV4, SNP-based linkage map was constructed by genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) method. The result of this study will accelerate the ChiVMV resistance research and breeding resistance cultivar to ChiVMV in pepper.
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