한국 전문간호사제도의 현황과 활성화 전략
Current Status and Vitalizing Strategies of Advanced Practice Nurses in Korea

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설미이; 신용애; 임경춘; 임초선; 최정화; 정재심
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서울대학교 간호과학연구소
Perspectives in Nursing Science, Vol.14 No.1, pp. 37-44
Advanced practice nursePolicyStrategiesAdvanced nursing care insurance benefits전문간호사정책전략상급간호실무 보험급여
Purpose: This study aimed to provide information on the developmental process and current status of Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) and to suggest ways for activating APN roles in Korea.

Methods: We reviewed literatures to explore domestic and international trends related to the roles, practice settings, scope of practice, regulatory policies, and political environment of APN.

Results: Interest in the APN role has been gaining ground worldwide. While the roles of APN in the USA, Taiwan and Japan have been changed in terms of legislation and institutional regulations, the role of APN in 12 fields except for APN in home care has not been legislated since qualification was specified in Korean Medical Law. Many problems were found in vitalizing APN roles: absence of legal regulations on the scope of practice or health insurance coverage for APN, increase the number of medical support staffs who are not qualified, and a disagreement regarding the qualification field and practical field.

Conclusion: This study presents snapshots and vitalizing strategies of practice, and regulation for APN to develop their unique roles in Korea. The tasks and duties of APN should be identified specifically to fulfill their roles. In terms of national health insurance policy APNs Nursing care should be reimbursed just as nursing care of APN in home care.
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