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Target-specific near-IR induced drug release and photothermal therapy with accumulated Au/Ag hollow nanoshells on pulmonary cancer cell membranes : 금/은 빈 공간 나노쉘의 폐암 세포 표면 축적을 이용한 특정 세포 탐지 기능성 근적외선 유도약물 방출 및 광열 치료 효과

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dc.description학위논문 (박사)-- 서울대학교 융합과학기술대학원 : 융합과학부 나노융합전공, 2015. 8. 조명행.-
dc.description.abstractAu/Ag hollow nanoshells (AuHNSs) were developed as multifunctional therapeutic agents for effective, targeted, photothermally induced drug delivery under near-infrared (NIR) light. AuHNSs were synthesized by galvanic replacement reaction. We further conjugated antibodies against the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) to the PEGylated AuHNS, followed by loading with the antitumor drug doxorubicin (AuHNS-EGFR-DOX) for lung cancer treatment. AuHNSs showed similar photothermal efficiency to gold nanorods under optimized NIR laser power. The targeting of AuHNS-EGFR-DOX was confirmed by light-scattering images of A549 cells, and doxorubicin release from the AuHNSs was evaluated under low pH and NIR-irradiated conditions. Multifunctional AuHNS-EGFR-DOX induced photothermal ablation of the targeted lung cancer cells and rapid doxorubicin release following irradiation with a NIR laser. Furthermore, we evaluated the effectiveness of AuHNS-EGFR-DOX drug delivery by comparing two drug delivery methods: receptor-mediated endocytosis and cell-surface targeting. Accumulation of the NPs on the cell surfaces by targeting EGFR demonstrated more effective for lung cancer treatments than uptake of AuHNS-EGFR-DOX. Taken together, our data suggest a new and optimal method of NIR-induced drug release, via the accumulation of targeted AuHNS-EGFR-DOX on cancer cell membranes.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsAbstract I
Table of Contents III
List of Figures VI
List of Schemes VIII
List of Abbreviation IX
Introduction 2
1. Nanosystem for biological application and drug delivery 2
2. Nanocarriers for drug delivery by photothermal therapy and chemo-thermo therapy 4
3. Research objective : Development of drug delivery methods with Au/Ag hollow nanoshell (AuHNS) by targeting cancer cells 7
Materials and Methods 9
1. Materials 9
2. Cell culture 10
3. Preparation of Au/Ag hollow-nanoshells (AuHNSs) 10
4. Preparation of AuHNS-EGFR antibody 12
5. Loading of doxorubicin on AuHNS 12
6. Characterization of AgNS and AuHNS 13
7. Verification of photothermal properties of AuHNS 13
8. Cytotoxicity assay 14
9. HRP detection of AuHNS and AuHNS-EGFR 15
10. Western blotting 15
11. Dark field imaging of EGFR conjugated AuHNS 16
12. Doxorubicin release from AuHNS 17
13. Cell viability assay of nanoparticles 17
14. Comparisons of doxorubicin release 18
15. TEM images of AuHNS-EGFR-DOX treated cells 19
16. Data analysis 20
Results and 21
1. Synthesis and characteristics of AuHNS 21
2. Photothermal property of PEGylated AuHNS 28
3. Synthesis of AuHNS-EGFR-DOX 34
4. Targeting efficiencies of AuHNS-EGFR and AuHNS-EGFR-DOX 36
5. Drug releasing abilities of AuHNS-EGFR-DOX 40
6. Mechanism of drug delivery system I: receptor-mediated endocytosis 45
7. Mechanism of drug delivery system II: targeted and accumulated AuHNS-EGFR-DOX on the cell 48
8. Verifications of cellular uptake and targeting of AuHNS-EGFR-DOX 57
Conclusion 61
References 62
국문 논문 초록 72
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dc.publisher서울대학교 융합과학기술대학원-
dc.subjectphotothermal therapy-
dc.subjecttargeted drug delivery-
dc.subjecttriggered release-
dc.subjectlung cancer-
dc.titleTarget-specific near-IR induced drug release and photothermal therapy with accumulated Au/Ag hollow nanoshells on pulmonary cancer cell membranes-
dc.title.alternative금/은 빈 공간 나노쉘의 폐암 세포 표면 축적을 이용한 특정 세포 탐지 기능성 근적외선 유도약물 방출 및 광열 치료 효과-
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorMi Suk Noh-
dc.citation.pagesXI, 74-
dc.contributor.affiliation융합과학기술대학원 융합과학부(나노융합전공)-
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