Dynamic Strategies for Enhancing Apartment Brand Equity in Korean Housing Market

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dc.description학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 건축학과, 2013. 2. 박문서.-
dc.description.abstractApartment brand has been used as a new strategy of construction companies in Korean housing market to fulfill customer's changing needs for buying houses. A number of construction companies have succeeded in brand awareness and image building, however, they still struggle to establish brand loyalty and manage brand equity elements in balance. The purpose of this study is to analyze the brand equity building process of apartment products in Korean housing market and determine causal relationships among variables to propose strategies for long-term prosperity of the construction companies. System Dynamics modeling method is applied to describe how variables affect and are linked to each other in terms of building equity and enhancing company profits from customers' brand awareness to brand loyalty. Based on the analysis model, strategies for construction companies depending on their market share were proposed and this may support the company to achieve financial success and competitiveness among its competitors in the fast-changing market.-
dc.description.tableofcontentsChapter 1 Introduction 1
1.1 Research Background and Objectives 2
1.2 Research Scope and Methods 4

Chapter 2 Preliminary Study 6
2.1 Definitions 6
2.2 Literature Review 7
2.2.1 Brand Equity Models 7
2.2.2 Brand Loyalty 10
2.2.3 Attributes of Housing Market and Apartment 12
2.2.4 Apartment Brand Management 14
2.2.5 System Dynamics 16
2.3 Summary 18

Chapter 3 Brand Equity Model 19
3.1 Apartment Brand Equity Building Process 19
3.1.1 Pre-Purchase Stage 21
3.1.2 Purchase Stage 23
3.1.3 Post-Purchase Stage 25
3.2 Summary 26

Chapter 4 Apartment Brand Equity Analysis using System Dynamics 27
4.1 Customers Perspective – Pre-Purchase Stage 27
4.2 Customers Perspective – Post-Purchase Stage 30
4.3 Companys Perspective – Sales Level 32
4.4 Companys Perspective – Investment Level 34
4.5 Model Applications 36
4.6 Summary 40

Chapter 5 Dynamic Strategy Development of Apartment Brand Equity Management 41
5.1 Managerial Strategies for Leading Companies 41
5.2 Managerial Strategies for Late Starters 47
5.3 Summary 50

Chapter 6 Conclusions 51
6.1 Results and Discussions 51
6.2 Contributions and Futher Studies 54

References 56

Abstract (Korean) 62
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dc.titleDynamic Strategies for Enhancing Apartment Brand Equity in Korean Housing Market-
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