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Experimental and Numerical Studies For RC walls with Slit-Damper : 슬릿댐퍼를 적용한 슬릿전단벽시스템의 적용가능성 검증을 위한 실험 및 해석연구

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공과대학 건축학과
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서울대학교 대학원
Slit-Shear-Wall systemductility capacitystrengthnonlinear static analysisslit-damper
학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 건축학과, 2014. 8. 박홍근.
Recently, with earthquake occurring, human life and property damages are increasing over the world. In Korea, earthquake also has increased over the recent years. In this trend, Korea has developed the structural systems to the earthquake performance. As one of the well known lateral resisting structure system, Shear wall structure system has the high stiffness and strength, however, ductility capacity is relatively low. As a new lateral resisting system, Slit-Shear-System system with slit-damper was developed as the supplement model of shear wall system. To verify the structural performance of Slit-Shear-Wall system, the experimental and analytical study was performed.

The experimental results show that in the case of Slit-damper device, it showed a stable hysteretic behavior with energy dissipation. And the Slit-Shear-Wall system experiment based on the Slit-damper device test also showed the entirely stable behavior under the cyclic loading. This is because the Slit-damper inside of two slit walls had working energy dissipation before the concrete at the plastic hinge region reached to the crushing point.

To evaluate the applicability of the Slit-Shear-Wall system, the analytical study was performed. The ductility capacity was evaluated with localized crushing point (strain 0.003) of the critical reinforced concrete member. The analysis of experiments has guaranteed the high reliability of the result, with these results, the 3D analysis of 15-strory building was performed to verify the applicability of the Slit-Shear-Wall system.

The elastic analysis of the 3d building presented the effective application of the Slit-Shear-Wall system such like location or coupling magnitude. Based on these results, the nonlinear static analysis was performed. The analytical results show that the Slit-Shear-Wall system has 150% more ductility capacity than the original shear wall system with maintaining the strength up to about 90%.

As a result, the Slit-Shear-Wall system as a new lateral resisting structural system is well verified with various experiments and analysis. It has the high performances that it was predicted at initial development stage. Based on these results, the further study like nonlinear dynamic analysis can be performed. As a result, the final goal of the Slit-Shear-Wall system study is to present the design code of the system as a new developed lateral resisting structural system.
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