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Remodeling Process Model applying Service Life and Functionality Evaluation

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Cho, Jongwoo

공과대학 건축학과
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서울대학교 대학원
Deteriorated FacilitiesRemodelingLCCService Life
학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 건축학과 건축공학전공, 2015. 8. 이현수.
The number of facilities in Korea has been rapidly increased due to growing requirement of modernization. However, these facilities have not been taken adequate maintenance. As a result, they are deteriorated quickly and
require performance improvement treatments. There are two ways of performance improvement, reconstruction and remodeling. Despite the research result that remodeling within the standard remodeling range is more economical, remodeling is not considered equivalent to reconstruction as an option to improve performance. Furthermore, remodeling is treated as an option that can be available under special circumstances.
Therefore, derived from the relationship between performance change during life cycle of building and range of remodeling need, this study tries to propose Remodeling Process Model (RPM) which uses a method to choose
remodeling in Specific Point of Time when remodeling is considered more economical than reconstruction. In addition, based on data of military facilities, this study suggests practical Service Life and Functionality Evaluation criteria together which require to realize the RPM. With these output, this study present a possibility to reduce reconstruction / remodeling comparison procedure not
only for the position of military facility management but also for the position of multi-facility management who deals with buildings having various type, compilation and elapsed time. Also the process focusing on remodeling more
may contribute to reducing resource waste caused by reconstruction.
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