The Effects of Collaborated Characters Image Congruence on Cosmetic Products Evaluation: The Relative Importance of Ideal and Actual Self-Image Congruence : 캐릭터 콜라보레이션에서 소비자와 캐릭터간의 이미지 일치성이 화장품 제품평가에 미치는 영향: 이상적인 이미지 일치성과 실제 이미지 일치성의 상대적 중요도 중심으로

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서울대학교 대학원
Character CollaborationSelf-image CongruenceSelf-improvement MotivePublic Consumption Product
학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 경영학과, 2017. 2. 김상훈.
An increasing number of companies develop strategic marketing collaborations with other businesses to reach new consumers. One popular collaboration method is character collaboration
however, little research has examined the effects of character collaboration, specializing in the collaborated characters image and its congruence with a consumers image in the cosmetics industry. This research hypothesizes that consumers who perceive the collaborated characters image as being congruent with their ideal self-images have a more positive evaluation of collaboration products, compared to perceiving it as being congruent with their actual self-images. The present research proposes that the fundamental psychological motive to improve ones self to achieve an ideal image is the key to influencing consumers to view the collaboration products more favorably. This phenomenon is observed, in particular when consumers perceive the cosmetic products as publicly consumed products. The findings of the study show that consumers evaluate the collaboration products more favorably when they perceive ideal self-images from the characters and believe that the cosmetic products as publicly consumed products because they have a stronger self-improvement motive. This research concludes consumers with perceptions of the cosmetic products as public consumption products have a more positive evaluation of the collaboration products as they are motivated to have their self-images as close as possible to their ideal self-image. The implications and limitations of the findings are discussed.
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