High yield production and separation of furan derivatives from Quercus mongolica by oxalic acid pretreatment

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dc.description.abstract230°C, acid concentration: 2-4%, and reaction time: 10 min) to determine the optimal conditions for high yield of furan derivatives and to evaluate the effects of the reaction conditions on the yield of furan derivatives after the 2nd pretreatment. The maximum yield of furan derivatives was 7.66% based on the dry weight of the raw material after pretreatment at 220°C with 2% (w/w) oxalic acid for 10 min. The factor that most influenced the yield of furan derivatives was reaction temperature.
To separate furan derivatives from other compounds in the liquid hydrolyzate after two-step pretreatment under optimal conditions, nanofiltration (NF) and solvent extraction were conducted under various operating conditions (NF: filter type (NE90 and DRM), pH, repetition stage) (Solvent extraction: organic solvent (chloroform, butanol, ethyl acetate, propyl acetate), contact time, the hydrolyzate/solvent volume ratio, the number of extraction stage). Solvent extraction showed better efficiency for the separation of furan derivatives than NF. The best yield was obtained with chloroform-extracted furan derivatives (5.97% based on the dry weight of the raw material, corresponding to the recovery rate of 77.26%).
dc.description.tableofcontents1. Introduction 1
1.1. Lignocellulosic biomass as potential resource 1
1.2. Pretreatment to overcome recalcitrance 3
1.3. The concept of biorefinery and bio-based chemichal 5
1.4. Objectives 8

2. Literature reviews 9
2.1. Studies on pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass 9
2.1.1. Oxalic acid pretreatment 9
2.1.2. Two-step pretreatment 9
2.2. Furan derivatives production from lignocellulosic biomass 11
2.2.1. Furfural production 11
2.2.2. 5-HMF and other furan derivatives production 13
2.3. Separation process of furan derivatives 15
2.3.1. Nanofiltration 15
2.3.2 Solvent extraction 15

3. Materials and methods 18
3.1. Materials 18
3.2. Two-step pretreatment 18
3.2.1. 1st pretreatment 19 Experiment design and statistical analysis 20 Determination of pentose yield 20
3.2.2. 2nd pretreatment 23
3.3. Separation process of furan derivatives 24
3.3.1. Nanofiltration 24
3.3.2. Solvent extraction 24
3.3.3. Standard experiment 25
3.4. Analysis of liquid hydrolysates 28
3.4.1. Analysis of monomeric sugar content 28
3.4.2. Analysis of degradation products 28

4. Results and discussion 29
4.1. Composition of raw material 29
4.2. Pentose production of 1st pretreatment 29
4.2.1. Analysis of sugar component in liquid hydrolyzate 29
4.2.2. ANOVA table 32
4.2.3. 3D plots and contours representing pentose yield by the change of factors 34
4.2.4. Confirmation experiment for pentose 38
4.3. Furan derivatives production of 2nd pretreatment 40
4.3.1. Component yield of liquid hydrolyzate 40 Yield of furfural and its related products 40 Yield of 5-HMF and its related products 44 Yield of 5-MF 46 The optimal condition of 2nd pretreatment for furan derivatives 46
4.3.2. Standard experiment on the optimal 2nd pretreatment condition 49
4.4. Separation process for furan derivatives 52
4.4.1. Nanofiltration (NF) 52 Effect of filter, feed pH, and repetition filtration 52
4.4.2. Solvent extraction 55 Effect of solvent and contact time 55 Effect of the H/S volume ratio and number of extraction stage 58
4.4.3. Standard experiment at the optimal separation process 60
4.4.4. Mass balance of all process for furan derivatives production 62

5. Conclusion 64

6. References 66

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