A Study on Performance Management of Public-Private Partnerships in Public Health ODA: Case Study of Improving Maternal Child Health in FEMME Project and in the Huallaga Valley in Peru : 보건의료 ODA의 민관협력 성과 관리 연구: 페루의 FEMME 프로젝트와 우아야가 지역의 사례 분석

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국제대학원 국제학과
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PPP (Public-Private Partnership)Assessment of PerformanceGlobal Health IssuesODA (Official Development Assistance)International Development CooperationPublic Policy
학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 국제대학원 : 국제학과, 2015. 8. 김태균.
Learning the lessons from the experience of Public Private Partnership (PPP) and developing countries actual circumstances considered, this paper evaluates the performance management of PPP in public health Official Development Assistance (ODA) and its comparative advantages. The research was conducted using domestic and international literature where the concept and definition of PPP was stated, and the evaluation reports to analyze benefits of PPP shown in two projects in Peru.

For the performance assessment, evaluation scheme was developed based on indicators adapted from OECD/DAC Evaluation norms and standards, with operating definitions drawn from literature review. Overall, three assessable PPP domains were selected, which are improve maintainability, facilitate creative and innovative approaches, and enhance government integrated solution capacity with specific indicators.

Based on the data of evaluation report, two cases of Child Survival Project for Improving Maternal Child-Health in the Huallaga Valley and the FEMME (Foundations for Enhancing Management of Maternal Emergencies) Project in Peru were comparatively studied, further building the PPP framework in public health ODA. Moreover, it provides policy makers with a road map for making efficient use of ODA and guidance to PPP strategy.

Data in the projects evaluation reports were collected from PPP partner organizations, government agencies, and the government under a special law, local governments, businesses, hospitals, and private organizations. The Delphi questionnaires were given to relevant experts with in-depth interviews. Based on the result of performance and impact indicators, it would be reasonable to say that the FEMME Project which included private sector led PPP has been more successful and effectively helped to reduce maternal mortality in its intervention area.

Therefore, in order to secure the position of exceptional comparative advantage of international expertise in the field of healthcare ODA, implementing private-led PPP strategy that is in ordinance of domestic situation should be encouraged.
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