Johannes Brahms의 가곡 "Vier ernste Gesänge" op.121 에 대한 분석 및 연구

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Analytic Study on 「Vier ernste Gesänge Op.121」
by Johannes Brahms

Choi, Yun-Sung
Departmens of Accompaniment
The Graduate School
Seoul National University

Johannes Brahms(1833-1897) is a great composer of the late-Romantic in Germany. His work is unique and lyrical. He was given the title of compositions by classical liberal romantics based on classical elements, unlike other contemporary composers.
「Vier Ernst Gesänge Op.121」is the best masterpieces of Brahms. This song was written about his own death and compassion for Clara Schumann. The lyrics were excerpted from the Bible. This song is about the vanity of this world, death, love, and love is a paradox that the best of them.
Brahms used simple death motives, Hemiola rhythm, and Syncopation in these art songs. Also, by using the Ostinato technique expressed a heavy topic. In addition, he used the word-painting technique that symbolize the meaning of words. He was able to complete his own original songs by using these technique.
Johannes Brahms, As a ' Romantic Classicist', composed「Vier Ernst Gesänge Op.121」contains Brahms's whole compositional technique. It was his life, death, and love.
By analyzing and studying this song, I hope it would be better to have the depth of play.

keywords : Brahms, romantic, death motive, word painting, romictic classicist
dc.description.tableofcontentsⅠ. 서론 1
1. 연구의 목적 1
2. 연구의 방법과 범위 2

Ⅱ. 본론 3
1. 가곡 3
2. 독일예술가곡 4
3. 낭만주의 음악과 특징 6
1) 낭만주의 음악 6
2) 낭만주의 음악의 특징 8
4. 브람스와 브람스 음악의 특징 10
1) 브람스의 생애 10
2) 브람스의 작품 세계 13
3) 브람스 가곡의 특징 14

Ⅲ. Vier ernste Gesänge" Op.121의 연구 15
1. 작품배경 15
2. 각 곡의 분석 17
1) 제 1곡 Denn es gehet dem Menschen 17
2) 제 2곡 Ich wandte mich und sage an alle 30
3) 제 3곡 O Tod, wie bitter 37
4) 제 4곡 Wenn ich mit Menschen und mit Engelzungen redet 44

Ⅳ. 결론 56

참고문헌 58

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