Does construct overload truly overload the performance? - An experimental study of experienced data modeler.

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서울대학교 대학원
Conceptual ModelingConceptual Model GrammarsConstruct OverloadDomain FamiliarityDomain KnowledgeEmpirical ResearchEntity Relationship Diagram (ERD)Information Systems DevelopmentOntological ClarityProtocol AnalysisNeuroscience Methods
학위논문 (박사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 경영대학 경영학과, 2017. 8. 박진수.
A principal activity in information systems development involves building a conceptual model of domain that an information system is intended to support. Such models are created using a conceptual-modeling grammar fundamental means to specifying information systems requirement. However, the actual usage of grammar is poorly understood and some issues regarding conceptual grammar such as construct overload still remain unsolved. With regard to construct overload in conceptual modeling, past studies have had some deficiencies in research methods and even have presented contradicting results. In this paper, we experimented to test whether construct overload enables conceptual models users to understand a domain more efficiently. To acquire a more complete and accurate understanding of construct overload, our study focused on three major points
the evaluation of conceptual modeling grammar semantics, research participants and domain familiarity. This papers key contribution is that it is one of the first studies to investigate practitioners aspects of construct overload employing different degrees of domain familiarity by investigating the cognitive processes of practitioner. In addition, this research reconciles conflicting outcomes by examining practical directions for model variation. The result of study will broaden the perspective on usability in the context of the conceptual model and may serve as an ontological guidance to construct overload when modelers create a conceptual model.
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