An Exploratory Study on Ecuadorian Fan Motivation for Interacting with Professional Soccer Teams through Social Media
에콰도르 축구 팬의 소셜미디어를 통한 프로 팀과의 상호작용에 대한 탐색적 연구

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사범대학 체육교육과,글로벌스포츠매니지먼트전공
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서울대학교 대학원
Fan MotivationSport MarketingSocial MediaInteractionRelationship MarketingProfessional Soccer
학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 사범대학 체육교육과,글로벌스포츠매니지먼트전공, 2017. 8. 강준호.
An Exploratory Study on Ecuadorian Fan Motivation for Interacting with Professional Soccer Teams through Social Media

Nahik Xavier Solano Murillo
Global Sport Management, Department of Physical Education
The Graduate School
Seoul National University

What better place to be an absolute fan where you are allowed to express yourself as most as you can than Social Media? Nowadays, sports organizations do not just have traditional media to engage fans. The advances on technology has opened the opportunity for innovation and strategies to engage fans through new media.
Social media, one type of new media, is an excellent tool for fans to be in touch with their teams
accordingly, it is an important source for sports organizations to better understand fan motivations and develop a powerful fan relationship (Stavros, Meng, Westberg, & Farrelly, 2014).
This study extends prior research on fan motivation and contributes to the arising research on social media by exploring what motives sport fans for interacting on the Facebook Pages of the three most popular Professional Ecuadorian Soccer Teams. The findings showed that fans employ five motives when they interact through this social networking service, these are: passion, hope, self-esteem, camaraderie, and gratitude. Moreover, this study indicates the importance of interaction between consumers (sport fans) and sports organizations, which is the beginning of the engagement process to reach and maintain successful relational exchanges, better called relationship marketing.

Keywords : Fan Motivation, Sport Marketing, Social Media, Interaction, Relationship Marketing, Professional Soccer
Student Number : 2015-22350
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