Good Governance Assessment in National Olympic Committee of Cambodia : 캄보디아 국가 올림픽위원회의 훌륭한 거버넌스 평가

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사범대학 체육교육과,글로벌스포츠매니지먼트전공
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서울대학교 대학원
Good governanceSport governanceSport organizationsNon-profit organizationsGood governance in Cambodia sport organizations
학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 사범대학 체육교육과,글로벌스포츠매니지먼트전공, 2017. 8. 이충근.
Good Governance Assessment in National Olympic Committee of Cambodia

Sophoan Buy
Global Sport Management, Department of Physical Education
The Graduate School
Seoul National University

This research aimed to identify the degree of good governance in the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC). At the same time, it attempted to discover the strengths and weaknesses of NOCC governance practices in order to identify the opportunities for improvement in the organization.
The first four research questions were developed to measure the current good governance level of the organization then investigate what area within NOCC that needs to be improved in parallel with good governance theoretical framework and followed by a basic set of recommendations for good governance practices.
Qualitative research method approach was recognized as the suitable research method and research was conducted accordingly. Document analysis was used to identify the current level of good governance in NOCC by applying the Sports Governance Observer (SGO) self-evaluation tool developed by Play the Games and Danish Institute for Sports Studies. The SGO consists of four most important components with regard to good governance concept, namely transparency, democracy, checks and balances, and solidarity. Then, the study continued with the semi-structured interview in order to answer the fifth research question, which identifies what frameworks should be taken to enhance good governance practices within the organization.
The analysis indicated that the result of NOCCs good governance is unsatisfactory. Two out of the four dimensions, namely democratic process and solidarity, of good governance assessment tool managed to score above average. The other two dimensions received very low scores, meaning that these dimensions need the extra effort and the focus to improve its practices.
The study designed appropriate conceptual frameworks to improve the two dimensions that received the lowermost scores, namely transparency and checks and balances.
To ensure that the proposed conceptual frameworks are successfully applied, the governing body of NOCC, particularly Executive Committee should be held accountable for the implementation because it is ultimately obliged to supervise and monitor the administration and management of the organization to assure prosperity of the organization it governs.

Keywords : Good governance, Sport governance, Sport organizations, Non-profit organizations, Good governance in Cambodia sport organizations
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