The rice zebra3 (z3) mutation disrupts citrate distribution and produces transverse dark-green/green variegation in mature leaves

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Rice, 11(1):1
RiceZEBRA3Z3Leaf variegationCitMHS familyCitrate transporter
Rice zebra mutants are leaf variegation mutants that exhibit transverse sectors of green/yellow or green/white in developing or mature leaves. In most cases, leaf variegation is caused by defects in chloroplast biogenesis pathways, leading to an accumulation of reactive oxygen species in a transverse pattern in the leaves. Here, we examine a new type of leaf variegation mutant in rice, zebra3 (z3), which exhibits transverse dark-green/green sectors in mature leaves and lacks the typical yellow or white sectors.

Map-based cloning revealed that the Z3 locus encodes a putative citrate transporter that belongs to the citrate-metal hydrogen symport (CitMHS) family. CitMHS family members have been extensively studied in bacteria and function as secondary transporters that can transport metal-citrate complexes, but whether CitMHS family transporters exist in eukaryotes remains unknown. To investigate whether Z3 acts as a citrate transporter in rice, we measured citrate levels in wild-type leaves and in the dark-green and green sectors of the leaves of z3 mutants. The results showed that citrates accumulated to high levels in the dark-green sectors of z3 mutant leaves, but not in the green sectors as compared with the wild-type leaves.

These results suggest that leaf variegation in the z3 mutant is caused by an unbalanced accumulation of citrate in a transverse pattern in the leaves. Taking these results together, we propose that Z3 plays an important role in citrate transport and distribution during leaf development and is a possible candidate for a CitMHS family member in plants.
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