Application of Cellulose Nanofibrils to PVA Impregnation for the Improvement of Durability of Papers
종이의 내구성 향상을 위한 폴리비닐알코올 함침의 첨가제로서 셀룰로오스 나노피브릴의 활용

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dc.description학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 농업생명과학대학 산림과학부(환경재료과학전공), 2018. 8. 윤혜정.-
dc.description.abstractHigh durable papers are required to the specific area where their shape or properties have to be conserved for a long time. Banknote, poster, and passport are representative papers which need durability. In order to develop the durability of papers, long service life, high mechanical strength and anti-soiling property should be considered. Anti-soiling property means resistance against moisture and contaminants. The conventional method of manufacturing durable papers is the impregnation of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). However, the durability of papers should be improved for a long circulation use. This study focuses on the use of another additive in PVA solution, cellulose nanofibrils (CNF).

The application of CNF to PVA impregnation was analyzed in terms of mechanical strength and anti-soiling property. The addition level of CNF was controlled when prepared CNF-PVA suspension and the miscibility of the suspension was good enough to apply PVA-CNF suspension to the impregnation. 5% CNF content improved tensile strength and folding endurance despite of lower pickup weight of impregnated papers. It points out the impregnated papers by PVA-CNF suspension could be made use of lightweight papers with good mechanical strength. However, the anti-soiling properties under dry and wet condition were not improved, which PAE was introduced as another additive of impregnating agent. . As PVA-CNF suspension including PAE showed high low shear viscosity, impregnated papers by the suspension presented lower pickup weight and folding endurance than impregnated papers by PVA solution. However, anti-soiling property of impregnated papers dramatically increased. While the paper impregnated by PVA-CNF(5%) suspension was destroyed after 20 min-soiling, the paper by PVA-CNF(5%)+PAE suspension was well preserved. Lastly, silylated CNF suspension (SCNF) was applied as an additive of PVA solution instead of CNF. SCNF suspension was obtained by the silylation of CNF suspension using methyltrimethoxysilane (MTMS) under an aqueous system. The miscibility of PVA-SCNF suspension was good but anti-soiling of this part did not show any significant increase. The water contact angle of impregnated papers by PVA-SCNF suspension was higher than PVA-CNF suspension, which can have the possibility to increase the anti-soiling by using other silane agents instead of using MTMS.
dc.description.tableofcontents1. Introduction

2. Literature Review

2.1 Manufacture of durable papers

2.2 Application of cellulose nanofibrils(CNF) as a reinforcing element

2.3 Hydrophobization of cellulose nanofibrils

3. Materials and Methods

3.1 Raw materials

3.2 Preparation of impregnating agent

3.2.1 Preparation of PVA solution

3.2.2 Preparation of CNF suspension

3.2.3 Preparation of PVA-CNF suspension

3.2.4 Addition of PAE to PVA-CNF suspension

3.2.5 Hydrophobizaiton of CNF

3.3. Evaluation of properties of PVA-CNF suspension

3.3.1 Dispersion stability

3.3.2 Sedimentation behavior

3.3.3 Rheological properties

3.4. Impregnation of PVA-CNF suspension into base paper

3.4.1 Process of impregnation

3.4.2 Evaluation of properties of the impregnated paper Mechanical strength Surface properties Penetration behavior of the suspension into paper by impregnation Anti-soiling performance

4. Results and Discussion

4.1 Properties of PVA-CNF suspension

4.1.1 Dispersion stability

4.1.2 Rheological properties of PVA-CNF suspension

4.2 Application of CNF to PVA impregnation

4.2.1 Mechanical strength of impregnated papers

4.2.2 Surface property of impregnated papers

4.2.3 Soiling-resistance of impregnated papers

4.2.4 Penetration of PVA-CNF suspension into paper

4.3 Effect of PAE as an additive of PVA-CNF suspension

4.3.1 Low shear viscosity of the PVA-CNF suspension containing PAE

4.3.2 Impregnation of PVA-CNF suspension containing PAE Mechanical strength of impregnated papers Surface property of impregnated papers Soiling-resistance of impregnated papers

4.4. Effect of the hydrophobization of cellulose nanofibrils

4.4.1. Evaluation of silylation of CNF Water contact angle of SCNF film FTIR analysis of silylated CNF

4.4.2. Characterization of PVA-SCNF suspension

4.3.3. Impregnation of PVA-SCNF suspension Properties of impregnated papers by PVA-SCNF suspension Soiling-resistance of impregnated papers

5. Conclusions

6. References
dc.publisher서울대학교 대학원-
dc.titleApplication of Cellulose Nanofibrils to PVA Impregnation for the Improvement of Durability of Papers-
dc.title.alternative종이의 내구성 향상을 위한 폴리비닐알코올 함침의 첨가제로서 셀룰로오스 나노피브릴의 활용-
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorHyeonji Park-
dc.contributor.affiliation농업생명과학대학 산림과학부(환경재료과학전공)-
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