경제사회의 지각변동과 창의기반사회
Dramatic Changes in Economic Societies and the Creativity-Based Society

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서울대학교 노사관계연구소
노사관계연구, Vol.19, pp. 1-33
In recent, economic societies are changing rapidly from technology-based societies to knowledge-based societies, and, again, to creativity-based society. These dramatic changes are mainly due to the "digital revolution". For an economic entity, the choice of a strategic task, which is appropriate for the creativity-based society, is crucial for the entity's growth and, more importantly, survival. Therefore, facing the crativity-based society, the changes in the following paradigms will be urgent and necessary.

1) The fusion- and composition-paradigm in the creativity-based society

As most world-leading companies do. successful companies perform fusion­and Equilibrium-strategy to harmonize two opposite goals (for example. globalization versus localization. standardized versus revolutionary. generalized versus customized. soft assets versus hard assets. etc.). They do not pursue only one of the two opposite goals. Instead. they pursue two goals at the same time by harmonizing two opposite goals. Moreover. they make profits from societies, and, at the same time. they contribute to societies with no profit.

The above concept can be summarized as the "Ellipse-Focus paradigm". Unlike a circle which has only one focus , an ellipse has two focuses. In the creativity based society, we need the Ellipse-Focus paradigm to be successful. The main tasks in the society are "revolution" and "the realization of community"_ On the one hand. these two tasks seem opposite. but. on the other hand. they are complementary. That is. we are able to and need to pursue these two goals simultaneously in the creativity-based society.

2) The freedom-community paradigm in the creativity-based society

In the creativity-based society, the freedom for an individual is necessary to fully realize one's personality and originality. Freedom is different from disorder. Freedom is the activity to realize personality with order. Freedom with personality and variety will lead to originality. The concept of community is also important in having originality. To enjoy freedom. we need to be responsible for our behaviors. In other words. we have to follow the basic rules of community to have freedom. In sum, the freedom and community are like "two sides of the same coin". If we apply the Ellipse-Focus paradigm, the freedom and community can be viewed as the two focuses of the ellipse in the originality-based society. In addition, the importance of the globally-integrated company is increasing in this global community.

3) Organizational innovation in the creativity-based society

The creativity-based era is the era with changes and uncertainty. Therefore, a company needs innovation in its product and organization to survive and grow in this era. The innovation should be based on the intrinsic originality of the company. To successfully innovate a company based on the intrinsic originality, the company needs an effort to innovate organizational structures. This is because the most important factor for growth is the members in the organization who are equipped with creative minds. In addition, it is very important for management to realize that management is responsible for providing the members with a new vision and forming creative empowerment.
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