외국인 근로자의 문화적응도, 사회적 지지와 건강증진행위 : Acculturation, Social support, Health promoting lifestyle among foreign workers in Korea

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서울대학교 대학원
학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 간호학과, 2012. 2. 박연환.
In Korea, it's estimated that there are approximately 550,000 foreign workers since Dec, 2010. They are a vulnerable health group as a result of difficulties obtaining and maintaining basic health practices.
This study was designed to describe acculturation, social support, and related factors for promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors among foreign workers residing in K-do in Korea.
150 foreign workers were surveyed as part of the three facilities in K-do from 26, August 2011 to 28, September 2011. Study variables were evaluated using a demographic data survey, Healthy Promoting Lifestyle Profile Ⅱ, Suinn-Lew Asian self-identity Acculturation, Social Support Questionnaires. All questionnaires are in Korean, English, and Vietnamese versions. The data were analyzed using SPSS 18.0.

1)The mean HPLP Ⅱ score of foreign workers was 2.61 and low. There is a significant difference according to age(r=-.164, p=.045).
2)Overall HPLP Ⅱ and all subcategories of HPLP Ⅱ are related to acculturation, social support. Acculturation were significantly correlated to health responsibility(r=.319, p<.001), physical activity(r=.229, p=.005), nutrition(r=.231, p=.005), spiritual growth(r=. 314, p<.001), interpersonal relations(r=.317, p<.001), stress management (r=. 247, p=.002).
Social support were significantly related to health responsibility (r=.358, p<.001), physical activity(r=.359, p<.001), nutrition(r=.275, p=.001), spiritual growth(r=.330, p<.001), interpersonal relations (r=.348, p<.001), stress management (r=.338, p<.001).
3)Multiple regression analysis revealed that determinants of foreign workers Health Promoting Lifestyle Behavior including social support(p<.001), acculturation(p<.001)(R2=.218, p<.001).
As a result of this survey, health promoting programs are needed considering acculturation, social support.
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