Sustainable Tourism: A Case of Ecotourism in Tanzania

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Moon, Woo-Sik
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서울대학교 대학원
학위논문 (석사)-- 서울대학교 대학원 : 국제개발정책학과, 2012. 2. Moon, Woo-Sik.
This paper aims at examining ecotourism in the dimensions of sustainable tourism and thereby assessing its appropriateness for sustainable tourism in Tanzania. The need of sustainable tourism in Tanzania is imperative as the sector is currently viewed as a powerful tool for economic growth and development with its major contribution in employment, foreign earnings, tax revenues and income generation. The increased role of tourism in the Tanzanian economy was the result of the reform of the economic policies in the 1990s which primarily involved the tourism sector.
This paper employs a comparative analysis of traditional tourism and ecotourism. The results show that ecotourism has all the potentials of offsetting negative effects of traditional tourism to destinations and local communities. Principles underlying ecotourism were analyzed based on the criteria of sustainable tourism. This analysis proved ecotourism as the best form of tourism that holistically encompasses aspects of sustainability as applied to tourism sector. A SWOT analysis of Ecotourism in Tanzania reveals the fact that ecotourism is the best option supported by both internal and external factors. A case study which involves the Maasai people and one ecotourism company operating in Tanzania proves that, ecotourism stands to be the best option for sustainable tourism whereby local communities and tourism developers can work together and realize mutual benefits from the sector.

Moreover, the paper highlights some aspects which need to be addressed properly for further improvement in the sector. The need of ecotourism policy, regional tourism marketing strategy, the use of modern marketing strategies(e.g. electronic marketing) plus networking among business developers are key aspects which need a serious consideration when planning for sustainable tourism in Tanzania.
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